December 5 - Annual Day of the Ninja

Prepare for the Annual Day of the Ninja. Forget 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day. This will truly be our chance to show the world what ninja are made of.

Every year, December 5th is the Day of the Ninja. Plague your co-workers with ninja-ness and wear a ninja mask to work! Got the day off? Run wild in the streets, or dress like a ninja at the mall! Just show the world that YOU ARE NINJA!

We want you to help me take over the Internet on that day. LiveJournal posts about ninja. YouTube videos. Ninja links on all your websites. Photos of yourself wearing ninja outfits. Whatever. Go Ninja crazy.

Most importantly, tell YOUR friends and get them aboard. The more ninja, the merrier. E-mail aeon @ to let me know you're aboard, and let me know what you plan to do to help celebrate the Annual Day of the Ninja.

Special Note: There are several other websites and movements out there calling this "International Creep Like a Ninja Day" or "Sneak Like a Ninja Day". This site is not affiliated with them, but we support their efforts. Really, as long as we're all doing it on the same day (December 5), you can call it whatever you like.

Day of the Ninja Crucial Ninja Links

  1. Official page - This is the page to send all your nonja-friends to so they can learn how to be ninja (for a day).
  2. Day of the Ninja store - Purchase official Day of the Ninja merchandise.
  3. Ask a Ninja event planning wiki - Use this page to plan events and, later, to post photos of those events.
  4. Ask a Ninja vlog - Learn about the true origin of the Day of the Ninja.

Other Ninja Day Related Pages

Step 1: Become a Ninja:

  • How to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt
  • How to make a paper shuriken
  • Check out ninja websites
  • Buy an Ask a Ninja DVD or the Ask a Ninja Ninja Handbook.
  • Buy Ninja Burger stuff

    Step 2: Take the Ninja Quiz


    Step 3: Get a Ninja Costume

    Ninja Costumes

    Shop the best Ninja costumes for boys, girls and adults from Costume SuperCenter.

    Ninja Costumes

    Get Ninja costumes at Halloween Express.

    Ninja Costumes

    Find Ninja costume ideas with this collection of Halloween costumes.

    Step 4: Use the following HTML code (or one of these images) to mark the Day of the Ninja:

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    Be sure to tag all your photos and posts "DayoftheNinja"!

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